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About Us

Pianno Furniture with knowledge and experience from the past to share our excitement with our valued customers hear. Pianno Furniture From its inception, our company has the expert team in the production; Modern corner sofa avangarde and operate the production is.

Pianno Furniture was established from the first moment the importance given to the quality of perseverance and difficult to achieve in a short time is well-known in their field .

The company's Always the principle of quality, customer satisfaction has been. Success and sustainability of production and quality assurance services working with the principle of honesty in your immediate attention Pianno Furniture and thanking you for your support today and will continue to serve in the future.

In the sector, with different styles of our products in Turkey ranks first in the industry, after sales service and product quality as the customer's first choice is to ensure continuity.
Our Company as Pianno Furniture: Our employees, our solutions, the reliability we provide after the service and the high choice of business ethics as the first choice of our customers, our employeesand to be a company that creates value for our customers. High standard, high quality service to maximize customer satisfaction

As Pianno Furniture , our Quality Policy is based on Total Quality Management in all our processes beyond customer expectations, and our most important product is ler Quality V. Our business culture does not control quality.